Meet The Chocolate Lovers and Besties Behind the Fudge Pops

Fudgy Pop Fudge Bars Vegan Ice Cream Bar Founders
Hi! We're Nicole and Deborah! Two serious chocolate lovers and food founders (you might know us from our "first baby," SorBabes!) As two kids of the 80s, we grew up loving the old school pudding pops and fudge pops, and were inspired to make our own, but with gourmet super-rich fudge (Deborah is a professionally trained chef; we can't help but be ingredient snobs!) and a plant-based, cleaned-up label. Enter, our baby, Fudgy Pop! 

We're led by a deep, serious, lifelong long of chocolate, above all else. And a belief that we can each reclaim the simple joys and nostalgic flavors of childhood, while still being conscious about the ingredients we consume. We're adults -- we can have it all, and we don't even have to ask permission to have seconds!

A Decade of Decadent Frozen Treats

We're two friends, moms, and business partners who about a decade ago, decided to chase our big dream of creating a frozen dessert more indulgent and satisfying than what we were seeing on the shelf. You might know us from our first baby, our pints-turned-indulgent frozen fruit bars,
SorBabes. Inspired to make delicious, indulgent, but higher quality and sustainable treats, we started making our first flavors in a tiny NYC apartment back in 2012. After ten years of bootstrapping our little brand that could, from selling scoops at the farmer's market to major retailer shelves, we followed our taste buds to our next big adventure...fudge!

We Believe in Rich Vegan Fudge Pops, Made for Big Kids

Inspired by the love of all things chocolate, we created a richer-than-rich, vegan fudge pop that tastes like the ones we remember eating as kids after long days on the Slip n' Slide and trading pogs with our friends (if you know you know!)

Fudgy Pop founders standing with boxes
But we knew we could do it better -- if we do say so ourselves (and it turns out, others agree!) Each flavor of our rich chewy fudge bars contains nothin' but clean, plant-based, gluten-free, kosher pareve ingredients and grown-up perks, like only 90 calories per pop. 
With each rich, fudgalicious fudge bar, we invite you to chase the simple joys of childhood and to consider that maybe, the "good old days" are yet to come.
So peruse our flavors, learn more about us on our FAQ page, and send any questions or feedback our way -- we'd love to hear from you.

For the love of chocolate,
-Nicole & Deborah

No more chasing down the ice cream truck to get your fudge fix. Here's where you can find Fudgy Pop frozen fudge bars in stores - check back for more locations coming soon!

Not in your town yet? We ship our fudge bars nationwide (in dry ice packed coolers) -- because you’re an adult and can order ice cream in the mail if you want to.