Got questions? No need to ask the cootie catcher or your magic 8 ball - we've got ya covered.
Here’s the fudgy 411. If we didn't answer your question, get in touch via our contact page or DM us on social media!

Ingredients & Product Facts

How is this fudge pop different than the classic fudgsicle? 

Glad you asked! Not every fudge pop is created equal. The fudgsicles of decades past were great when we were kids, but lacked the rich, creamy, super-fudgy experience we crave as adults - not to mention the clean nutrition label we know you demand. Fudgy Pop is a fully vegan fudge bar with zero dairy and a base of gourmet Guittard chocolate for a chewy, pure-chocolate experience just like homemade fudge. 

Are these fudge pops dairy-free? How about lactose-free?

Yes and yes. Our chocolate fudge is 100% free of dairy and lactose so you can enjoy your dessert like you did as a kid without having to give a second thought to a nutrition label or pay the price for it later. All of Fudgy Pop’s' flavors are 100% dairy free and lactose free, but thanks to months and months of testing and perfecting by chef and co-founder Deborah, you’ll never be able to tell. You’ll find no funky aftertaste, coconut flavor, or icy texture here, just rich, rich fudgy goodness.

Are your fudge pops certified Kosher?

Not yet, but we're on it. It’s important to us that everyone is able to get it on this fudginess. While our ingredients are 100% free of dairy or animal products, it takes time for small brands like ours to get the official kosher certification. Please keep checking back as we work to grow and perfect our fudge bars. 

I have food allergies; what do I need to know about where your fudge bars are created? Is there a possibility of cross contamination?

Fudgy Pop fudge bars are manufactured in an SQF certified facility, meaning top notch food safety and manufacturing practices are monitored and maintained. Strict allergen control practices are in place based on industry standards. If you have extreme food allergies, please know that our fudge pops are manufactured in a peanut-free facility that also produces products with wheat, soy, egg, milk, and tree nuts.

Where can I find your ingredients?

Just head to the shop tap on our site, click on a flavor, and you can check out the full list of ingredients and nutrition label for each flavor of our fudge bars. All our pops are made with super simple ingredients - and only a few of ‘em.  

Have a specific ingredient question? Hit us up at We’d love to talk pops. 

Is your packaging recyclable?

Abso-freakin-lutely. Break that bad boy down once you’re down enjoying your fudge pops and reduce, reuse, recycle. 

Do your fudge bars contain nuts?

All our fudge bars are nut free, they do contain coconut. However, if you suffer from a severe allergy we advise you avoid our products since they’re manufactured in a peanut free facility that also manufactures products with other nuts. 

Are your flavors gluten free?

You don’t have to play Where’s Waldo looking for that little GF symbol on these fudge pops — they’re all 100% gluten free, meaning they’re made with no ingredients containing gluten in our products. If you're severely gluten intolerant, please note we are not certified gluten-free, and we manufacture in a facility that is not certified gluten free (though we thoroughly cleanse and sanitize before each production run.) 

Why Aren't Your Products Keto/Sugar Free?

We made these pops for the ultimate chocolate lover - those who crave rich, chewy, chunky fudge that tastes like the homemade stuff Grandma used to make. Our fudge bars are naturally low calorie (only 90 calories a pop), but this isn't a diet pop. (If that’s what you’re after, there are plenty of those options out there.) This is a creamy fudge bar for kid-at-heart chocolate lovers who crave nostalgic ice cream truck flavors but made clean and plant-based.  



Fudge pops in the mail? How tho? 

If only our childhood selves waiting on the dial up internet tone could see us now, ordering fudge pops online to be delivered to our doorstep. Ice cream in the mail is our fave form of real-life magic, made possible thanks to dry ice. We expertly pack the fudge pops in insulated coolers with plenty of dry ice, for two-day shipping, and it's on like donkey kong (orders arrive frozen on your doorstep with FREE 2-day shipping, or your money back.)

When your fudge pops arrives, use care and never handle dry ice with bare hands! Set the packaging somewhere well ventilated to let the dry ice dissipate. 

Why is Fudgy Pop so much more expensive online than at the grocery store?

We too miss the days of ice cream treats for like, 50 cents, but the reality is we keep our prices as low as possible, considering the extra costs of shipping online - like transportation, dry ice, eco-friendly packaging. Shipping any frozen product is pricy compared to the price we can offer at the grocery store - there’s no two ways about it, but we’re proud to offer the lowest possible online rates we can, which include FREE nationwide shipping and lotsa pops - enough to have seconds every time for weeks (you can choose between packs of 4 boxes or 6!)


Can I return my Fudgy Pops?

 Since fudge pops are you know, frozen, returning them isn’t an option, but no stress! If you’re less than thrilled with your fudge bars for any reason, just get in touch and we’ll make it for for ya. 


Flavors & Finding Us

Why can’t I find your fudge pops at my local grocery store?

Finding our fudge bars might feel a littttle like chasing down the elusive ice cream truck - for now. Because we’re a fresh new small brand, we’re not nationwide, yet. As we work on bringing our fudginess to every grocery store, you can scoop us up online in the meantime right from your couch, and let the ice cream truck deliver to you. Holla.  

Where are you sold in stores?

Look for us on shelves soon at Brookshire's in Houston, Reasors in Tulsa, and Pavilions in the Los Angeles area. Keep an ear out for the ice cream truck jingle, coming to your town soon!

If you want to help us come to your town sooner, be sure to let your local store manager to stock your fave new vegan fudge pops. Every request helps us grow.


Will you be releasing more flavors soon?

Ch-yeah!! There’s nothing more rad to us than dreaming up new fudge bar flavors. Rest assured, we’re only getting started. Have a recommendation for a flavor you’d do anything to see? Email us at or DM us!

No more chasing down the ice cream truck to find this fudgy goodness (though honestly we’d be down for that.) Here’s where you can find Fudgy Pop ice cream bars in stores - more locations coming soon!

Not in your town yet? We ship our fudge bars nationwide (on dry ice in insulated coolers) because you’re an adult and can get ice cream delivered to your doorstep!