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Meet the new kids on the block.
Dairy? Gluten? Artificial ingredients? As if.
Remember enjoying dessert as a kid without a worry in the world about calories, ingredients, or dairy? While we can’t give you a time machine to simpler days, these vegan fudge bars are the next best thing.
So chillax, have seconds,  and don’t pay for it later, with fudge bars made with plant-based ingredients and only 90 calories a pop. 
Pops in the mail? Yes really.
  1. You pick your order - all one flavor? A combo? Subscription so your chocolate needs stay met? Cool cool.
  2. We expertly pack your order in an insulated cooler with dry ice - the MVP - that keeps your order ice cold no matter the temps outside.
  3. You open your door to a box of fudgy goodness in 2 days. So chill. So fudgy.

No more chasing down the ice cream truck to get your fudge fix. Here’s where you can find Fudgy Pop ice cream bars in stores - more locations coming soon!

Not in your town yet? We ship our fudge bars nationwide (on dry ice in insulated coolers) because you’re an adult and can get ice cream delivered to you!